amazing shape paterns

14 05 2015

I have made a shape patern and it was green and violet .It was one shape and I used a triangle. Did you know,that I got to finish mine of in the afternoon on a dif day? The Shape I used was a triangle and I have it the right way then I put it the wrong way.I drew it with a wax crayon. The Shape was good and I finished it. The Shape Had three corners and three sides. It was different colours and when I was finished I got to read a school book.I used pink and scarlet wax crayons on a shiny, white and a bright card. On our shape patterns, we had a shiny side and a rough side.I used a purple, three sided and pointy triangle.Did you know that, my colouring was so neat I never thought I could   do it? My shape patern was all covered in wax crayons. Amazingly, on my piece of card was  no bits of white.



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